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Amid the chaos of 2020, a shining star emerged—CAMBIO. This line of color-changing, high-quality rings is a game-changing development in the jewelry industry, designed to change with you and tell the world your story every day.

How CAMBIO Got Started


A few years before CAMBIO’s official launch, one of the founders wanted to design a ring that you could use as a canvas to tell your story. While color-changing mood rings have been around for ages, he wanted something that you could control, that you could use to express your style, support your cause, or cheer on your team.

We began to look at rings with enamel inlays, like those with wood inlays, carbon fiber centers, and even different metals set into the ring. The question we faced was how to use that design with changeable centers that each person could customize at will. So, we built a channeled ring and colored bands that fit in those channels. Suddenly, we had a product that the world had never seen before and a delicate journey to get it to the market.

The first problem we faced was which colors to include. That’s when we began testing. We sent our rings out to customers, family members, friends—anyone we could in order to get valued opinions on styles, colors, fit, etc. After a year of experimenting and testing, we settled on our range of 16 colors: white, grey, black, purple, navy blue, blue, teal, forest green, green, yellow, tangerine, orange, red, dark red, hot pink, pink.

We also went through multiple stages of testing to find the right packaging for easy storage and organization.

Now we have 24 different ring designs, multiple metals, a wide range of prices to fit any budget, and numerous happy customers.


How CAMBIO Works

After a lot of trial and error, we made CAMBIO rings easy to use and customize. In each order, you get all the colored bands you need for your ring as well as a wooden rod you can use to change out the bands. With this simple tool, you can switch out your colors in mere seconds, guaranteeing that you can match your band to any cause or outfit in no time.

What You Can Do With CAMBIO


CAMBIO rings are made for you. They are designed to give you a creative canvas that lets you tell your story without having to utter one word. Each ring offers a different number of color combinations you can make, from 16 to over 83,000. That means that you can use your ring to express yourself in countless different ways:

  • - Match an outfit
  • - Cheer on a team
  • - Raise awareness
  • - Support a cause
  • - Match your partner
  • - Celebrate a holiday
  • - Show your heritage

The list goes on.

Our rings are made for every occasion, for every outfit, for everywhere, for everyone. Our rings are made for YOU. You get to decide how you use your ring and what story you want to tell with it. And the best part is—you can change your story as often as you want.

Why Our Customers Love CAMBIO

CAMBIO rings are perfect for every occasion. They go with fun, casual outfits as well as elegant, fancy ones. We offer our rings in a variety of metals so that everyone can find the right ring for their style and budget.

The metals used are high quality, which means our rings look great, feel comfortable, and last a long time with proper care. You don’t have to choose between luxury and customization. Our rings give you both.

Our customers love the quality of our rings as well as the color-changing features. Our customers have used their rings to:






CAMBIO can do it all. Our rings are customizable, high-quality, and fun. You can wear yours anywhere you go. Browse our selection today to find your favorite style and metal, then order yours!